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We operate on modern machinery that allows us to execute both large and small orders in a relatively short time.

Wire bending

We use computer-controlled machines that can bend wires with different diameters in either two or three dimensions. Our work ensures ideal reproduction of all product pieces delivered to the customer.

Wire elements

We engage in production of wire elements for many different industries. The elements that we produce have a wide range of use in the automotive, furniture, construction and agricultural industries amongst others.

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ROBOMET company has been engaged in professional metalworking processes, such as: 2D and 3D CNC wire bending, welding, thread rolling, straightening and spiral twisting for many years now. We provide our services to numerous companies from both Poland and Europe, operating in various sectors, and produce wire elements in both large and small quantities. All orders are adjusted to requests of our customers. Our wire elements have a wide range of use in various branches of the economy, including machine industry, electronics, electromechanics, furniture and automotive industry. Our qualified and experienced staff - along with a wide range of machinery - is at our sole disposal and thus we are able to ensure high repeatability and top-tier quality of our products complemented by fast order fulfillment.


From the very moment Robomet company was launched, our main goal was introduce supreme-quality manufacturing. Thanks to such policy, we gained an abundance of recipients, including brands that are widely renowned and significant on the market. Many companies for which we perform wire bending services or wire element production introduced their own internal quality standards. Nonetheless, we were able to adhere to them seamlessly. Upon commissioning our company with production of metal wire elements, you can be sure that you will receive a top-tier quality, highly-durable product within the specified time-bar.

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