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Paint hangers are specialized tools used in the paint industry to hang various items before and during the painting process. They are mainly used to optimize the use of space in the spray booth and ensure stable and even coating of objects. With paint hangers, items can be positioned to ensure the best quality and durability of the paint finish.

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Characteristics of paint hangers

As a rule, the length of pendants varies from 100 to 400 mm, and their diameter (Fi) ranges from 1.5 mm to 6 mm, which allows them to be tailored to specific project requirements. Being a direct manufacturer of pendants, we have the ability to make an individual design for the customer in terms of manufacturing material, thickness, shape and length.

Paint hangers and paint hooks are key tools in the painting industry to facilitate the painting process and ensure the quality of the final product. By choosing the right type of pendant, you can significantly affect the efficiency and quality of the painting process.

Types of paint hangers

Depending on the needs and characteristics of the items to be painted, we offer different types of paint hangers.

Pipe and profile hangers
: These paint hangers are ideal for hanging cylindrical-shaped parts such as pipes and profiles. They provide stability and even surface coverage.

C-shaped hangers (angled or round ends)
: C-shaped paint hangers are perfect for wider parts, including those of varying thickness. They can be reused many times, which makes them extremely economical. Their design is ideal for handling loads in a variety of applications, including paint finishing, surface treatment and material handling.

Buckle lacquer hooks/pendants
: This type of lacquer hook is extremely functional and allows you to easily hang items of different shapes and sizes. Often used in situations where a secure and stable suspension of an object is required.

Boomerang-shaped paint hooks/pendants
: Offering an innovative shape, this paint hook is ideal for hanging items with specific shapes or where conventional hangers may not be suitable.