Wire elements

Our company is engaged in production of various wire elements according to projects supplied by the customer. We specialize in producing elements out of wire with diameter ranging from 2mm to 11mm. We use top-tier quality CNC machines developed by renowned producers that provide fully automated creation of products in accordance with computer projects. Thanks to the abovementioned automation, all pieces of the product will be identical and thus comply with the highest quality standards. We work based on material from our warehouse stock. However, upon customer’s special request, we can launch production based on material supplied to us by customer.

Thanks to our prime machinery, we offer production of wire elements in accordance to 2D and 3D technology, and with the use of welding machines. Our CNC equipment is characterized by high precision along with high manufacturing efficiency. We can make products out of copper, copper-aluminum and stainless wire with various levels of complexity. Furthermore, we also have machines that might bend wire covered with other types of materials. An additional advantage of our company is the highly-qualified personnel that gained experienced throughout many years and hence ensures to deliver top-tier quality products and short execution time.


We execute orders from the field of element production for various industries, including automotive, furniture, industrial manufacturing, construction, consumer electronics, home appliances, technical and decorative. Thanks to the possibility of free computer designing of wire elements, we are able to quickly produce both large and small batches of products. A great amenity for our customers is the fact that each manufactured product is saved and calibrated within the production equipment’s memory and thus we are able to produce an additional batch in no time.

Our company is a reliable business partner. Therefore, you can commission us with continuous outsourcing in the field of wire element production. With focus on high quality and comply with the stringent time schedules in terms of production. Therefore, we are able to offer convenient product for an attractive price.