Wire elements

Technology of production of wire elements

Wide production range

Our company is engaged in the production of various wire elements according to the design entrusted to us by the customer. We specialize in the production of wire components with a diameter of 2mm – 13mm. For production, we use the highest quality CNC machines from reputable manufacturers, which make products based on computer design in a fully automated manner. Thanks to the aforementioned automation, each piece of product will be identical while meeting the highest quality standards. We work on the basis of material from our warehouse or, on special request, we can start production based on the raw material entrusted to us.

Due to the best machinery, we offer production of wire parts in 2D, 3D and with welding machines. Our CNC equipment is characterized by high precision with high production efficiency. We can make products of varying degrees of complexity from tinned wire, zinc-aluminum wire or stainless steel wire. We also have equipment that can bend wire that is coated with various types of material. An additional advantage of our company is a very well-qualified staff, who have built their experience over many years, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our products and fast delivery times.

Our strengths

Modern machinery

Experienced staff

Short lead time

Quality guarantee

wide range of industries served

Orders for production of wire elements

We carry out orders for the production of wire parts for various industries, including automotive, furniture, industrial production, construction, agriculture, consumer electronics, household appliances, technical and decorative. Thanks to the possibility of free computer design of wire parts, both small and large batches of product can be produced in a short time. A very great convenience for our customers is the fact that every product made once is stored and calibrated in the memory of the production equipment, so we have the ability to quickly produce an additional batch.

Our company is a very reliable business partner, so you can entrust us with permanent outsourcing in the production of wire parts. While taking care of high quality, we also keep strict deadlines in production, so we can guarantee a good product at an attractive price.

Production process of wire parts

The production of wire components in our company begins with an in-depth analysis of the design provided by the customer. Based on this data and using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software, we create a precise 3D model of the wire component, which allows us to identify any potential problems and optimize the manufacturing process. Then, depending on the specifications of the project, we select the appropriate type of wire, be it tinned, zinc-aluminum or stainless steel. With our advanced CNC equipment, we can precisely form wire parts, creating intricate shapes with unprecedented precision.

After the forming stage, the wire parts proceed to the welding process, if required by the project. Using modern welding machines, we ensure that the connections are durable and aesthetically pleasing. The next step is the process of coating the wire with various types of material, which not only adds an aesthetic finish, but also increases the product’s resistance to corrosion and external factors. Each stage of production is subject to strict quality control, so we can guarantee that each product leaving our plant complies with established standards and meets customer expectations.

Advantages of external production of wire components

Deciding to externally manufacture wire parts brings many benefits. First, by working with specialized companies such as ours, clients have access to the latest technology and expertise that cannot be easily obtained internally. This means that the products are made with the utmost precision while maintaining optimal costs.

Second, outsourcing production allows companies to focus on their core business. Instead of investing in expensive machinery and staff training, companies can focus on innovation, marketing or expansion into new markets.

In addition, outside manufacturing allows flexibility in order volume. Whether it is a small prototype series or mass production, we are able to adapt to customer needs while ensuring short lead times.

Finally, by using external manufacturing services, companies are assured of receiving a product of consistently high quality, which is difficult to achieve in an in-house manufacturing environment, especially without the proper infrastructure and experience.

Wire components for various industries

Robomet’s wire components are an essential component for many industries, enabling the creation of unique and functional solutions for the most diverse market sectors. In the retail field, for example, we have product pockets that provide ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing storage of goods, or price pins, an indispensable item in stores. For the cosmetic sector, we offer wire hangers for curling irons for easy storage and access to hairdressing tools.

When it comes to industrial production, our coil springs for automatic vending machine feeders or bent and welded wire handles serve many machines, ensuring their proper operation. In the construction industry, on the other hand, products such as lattice hangers and specialized wire frame for the rebar industry are key components in various constructions.

For the food service sector, we have lattice bottle hangers for easy storage and transportation of beverages, and in the RTV industry, the RTV item hanger for the chain store ensures proper product presentation. The decorative and DIY sector benefits from products such as wire handles for paint rollers and decorative rod for garden accessories.

When it comes to landscape construction applications, gabions are becoming increasingly popular as aesthetic and functional architectural elements. Other, more specialized components, such as threaded bent wire, a cybant with threads on the ends of the wire, or a steel bent hook, are used in many custom projects that require precise and reliable workmanship.

Each of these products reflects Robomet’s advanced skills and precision in the field of wire component manufacturing, providing reliable solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial sectors.