Wire products

Our company develops wire products upon order with the use of modern numerically-controlled CNC machines dedicated to wire bending. All wire products that we manufacture are made out of top-tier quality materials. Furthermore, the whole process is subjected to quality control. Our wire bending machines allow us to produce both small and large batches of products in a relatively short time. Thus, we are highly flexible and can execute orders for both small and industrial recipients.

Our experienced employees advise on each phase. Therefore, the customer can be sure to receive the expected end product with parameters compliant with the highest quality norms. Our employees will assess the compliance already during the design stage as well as create a prototype model in order to confirm that no complications will occur upon launch of production.


Our wire product:

- hangers
- hooks
- exhibition stands
- exposition grid panels
- store baskets
- foldable baskets
- elements for furniture production (baskets, grids etc.)
- display stands and shelving units of various sizes

- shelves
- stands
- grids and nets for construction purposes
- gardening elements (flower supports, candlesticks)
- packaging clasps (buckles, labels, lifting eyes)
- automotive accessories (fixing, lighting and other elements)
- springs

We engage in wire bending in two and three dimensions. We work on numerically-controlled CNC machines that ensure high efficiency of elements made out wire with different diameters, coating and sizes.

We offer the following services:

- cutting and straightening wire with diameter ranging from 2mm to 10mm
- bending wire with 2mm – 11mm diameter with numerically operated CNC bending machine
- cutting sheet metals with up to 3mm thickness with the use of guillotine shears
- beveling of wire with 3mm-10mm diameter
- wire labeling
- forming wire and steel strips on multi-slide presses
- producing accessories for gabion (spirals, gabion ties, gabion hooks)
- co-operation in terms of production of welded nets
- bending and flexing welded nets