Wire bending

Our company has been engaged in spatial wire bending for years now. We have modern machinery at our sole disposal that is dedicated to 2D and 3D wire bending with high manufacturing quality. Production is conducted in accordance with CAD spatial projects, therefore we guarantee accurate reproduction and repeatability of the end product. The machines that we use for wire bending are fully automatic. Thus, the time necessary for producing one element depends solely on us and the level of complexity. On average, the machines are able to produce several hundred elements per hour. In our company, wire bending in conducted on materials with diameter ranging from 2mm to 11mm. Most orders are fulfilled based on material that is available in our stock. However - upon customer’s request - we can conduct wire bending on materials supplied by customer as well. A majority of our products is based on copper, stainless or copper-aluminum wire. Our company provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of wire element production. We offer customers continuous production according to the established schedule. Furthermore, we can also perform single, short series of the product.


Advantages of wire bending in our company

  • highly precise wire elements with various diameter
  • perfect reproduction based on the CAD spatial project
  • possibility to bend wire with different characteristics
  • short time period from the design phase to production phase
  • ability to conduct large and small product series from the bended wire
  • capability to work in both 2D and 3D dimensions
  • ability to bend wire with various types of coating, including PVC
  • upon customer’s request, the bended elements can be subjected to threading or automatic welding

Sectors for which we conduct wire bending

  • automotive
  • production
  • furniture
  • agriculture
  • consumer electronics and home appliance
  • construction


What projects can we develop?

We are able to develop simple projects, where wire is bended within a single dimension, as well as more complex, including three-dimensional projects. Furthermore, we are able to weld wire on fully automated equipment. Therefore, the range of our capabilities grows unceasingly. We always willingly check the project sent to us by the customer and determine our manufacturing abilities in this area.