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In the world of transportation and logistics, cargo security is key. One of the integral components of lashing systems are the hooks for conveyor belts. They make transporting, lifting and moving a variety of materials more stable and secure. Our company specializes in the production of high-quality transport hooks, which are a guarantee of reliability and durability.

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Various models of transport hooks

Hooks for conveyor belts are not universal. Their diversity is based on market needs and specific applications. Among the most popular models are the LC 6, LC 10 and LC 25, which are made from wire of various diameters, from 6.5 mm to 12 mm. Each hook is welded and then electroplated in white or yellow for corrosion resistance and long life.

Types of conveyor belts for which we produce hooks

Our product range includes conveyor belt hooks designed for different types of belts: from those used in heavy industry, international transport, to specialized belts used in the entertainment or sports industry. Regardless of the type of belt, our hooks provide excellent load holding and ease of installation. In addition, one of the key parameters for us is the long-term durability of the hook against overloading.

Small and large series of transport hooks

Regardless of the size of the order, every customer is important to us. We realize both small and large series of transport hooks. Our advanced manufacturing technology allows us to flexibly adapt to customer needs and deliver orders quickly.

Places of use of transport belts with hooks

Transport hooks are used in many industries and places. They are most often found at the ends of conveyor belts in vehicles, trailers or cranes. Often conveyor belts are called trailer belts, and the hooks used in them are referred to as “double claw conveyor hooks.” They ensure the stability of cargo during transport, minimizing the risk of displacement. They are also indispensable when lifting heavy objects, guaranteeing their safe transfer from place to place. The specification of the hook should be properly matched to the characteristics of the belt itself. Our production range includes a wide range of hooks for conveyor belts.

Customized designs for belt manufacturers

We understand that standard solutions do not always meet the expectations of our customers. That’s why we offer customized designs for conveyor hooks, created to meet the specific needs of belt manufacturers. Thanks to the use of modern tools, such as CAD software, we are able to design and manufacture hooks tailored to specific requirements, guaranteeing perfect fit and functionality.