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Agro-textile pins are specialized elements used to fix this type of material to the ground. Resembling a U-shape, they are designed to allow easy and stable attachment of the nonwoven fabric to the ground, minimizing the risk of its movement or lifting under the influence of wind or other external factors. Thanks to them, the agro-textile can effectively perform its functions, regardless of weather conditions. In practice, agrofiber pins ensure that the material stays in place, protecting plants and soil from adverse conditions.

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How to use agro-textile pins

In order to realize the full potential of agro-textile pins, it is important to place them correctly. First, spread the agro-textile on the prepared ground, making sure that its surface is smooth and has no folds. Then, using pins, attach the fleece to the ground, hammering them in at regular intervals to ensure even stretching of the material. The pins, thanks to being cut at an angle, easily pierce the nonwoven fabric and are firmly embedded in the ground. It is important to drive them at the right angle to ensure the best attachment to the agro-textile.

What are the properties of agro-textile and how does it work?

Agrowoven fabric is a material with many unique properties that make it indispensable in modern agriculture and horticulture. Its primary role is to protect the soil and plants from extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, frost or excessive sunlight. In addition, the agro-textile protects the soil from erosion, preserving its structure and nutrients.

Agrotextile attachments, such as pins, ensure that the material stays in place, protecting the plants and soil optimally. Thanks to the properties of the agro-textile, the plants grow stronger, healthier and are more resistant to various pests and diseases.

Agrowoven fabric also helps maintain adequate moisture in the soil, which is extremely important for proper plant growth and development. The use of agro-textile mounts ensures that the protective layer will not be displaced, and the plants will have constant access to the necessary nutrients and water.

Working together with pins, the agro-woven fabric forms a plant protection system that is not only effective, but also ecological and environmentally friendly. The use of this material reduces the use of chemicals and pesticides, resulting in healthier crops and greater benefits for farmers and gardeners.

Agrofiber pins (anchors) and agrofiber fixings are a key element in modern agriculture and horticulture, allowing effective protection of plants and soil. By using them in the right way, you can significantly improve the quality of your crops and ensure high yields throughout the season.

Manufacturer of agro-textile pins

We are a direct manufacturer of agrofiber mounts. We have a wide range of machinery in the form of, among other things, wire benders of various diameters. We are able to supply in bulk both agro-textile pins of standard dimensions, as well as make small and large series of products of non-standardized dimensions. Our own production facilities give us the freedom to create a product for the needs of the end user.